Our Team

A photo of NC-PAL team members

Some NC-PAL team members. From left, Brittany Glass-Thomas, Ilana Brodzki-PIlato, PhD, Savannah Henderson, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC, Kendra Rosa, MPH, Gary Maslow, MD, MPH, Brenda Poirier, MS, PPCNP-BC, and Annise Weaver, MSEd, CRC. Photo by Kate Medley

Our Team

At its core, NC-PAL is a group of behavioral health consultants, psychiatrists, mental health specialists, and program support staff that are here for you! Check out the bios below to learn about the folks you might speak with when you call.

Clinical Leadership

Our clinical leaders provide our strategic direction and contribute to program design and protocols. They also provide clinical supervision to pediatricians, psychiatrists, and social workers.

Administrative Leadership

These folks keep our programs on track, oversee the allocation of staff, funding, and technology, and support policy and program development.


Our staff members bring our programs to life by coordinating services, training, and program outreach.

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