North Carolina – Psychiatry Access Line (NC-PAL)

NC-PAL is a free telephone consultation and education program for health care providers to address the behavioral health needs of their patients.

Our Behavioral Health Consultants work with health care providers to answer questions about behavioral health and local resources, and can connect providers to one of our on-call psychiatrists to assist with diagnostic clarification and medication management questions.

The NC-PAL team also offers virtual didactic presentations to practices on a variety of behavioral health topics!

To speak to a Behavioral Health Consultant, call:

(919) 681-2909

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Health Care Providers:

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How does it work?

  1. A provider has a question about pediatric or perinatal mental health.

  2. They call NC-PAL to get information.

  3. Our behavioral health consultants respond to questions within the scope of their expertise and can connect providers to one of our child and adolescent psychiatrists or perinatal mental health specialists.

    Our board-certified child psychiatry and perinatal mental health teams are on hand to assist with diagnostic clarification and medication management if necessary.

What do we help with?

  • Consultation

    Consultation on diagnoses, medications and psychotherapy interventions for a wide range of behavioral health needs (e.g. mental health care guides, screening forms)

  • Resource Information

    Information on community resources (e.g. intensive in-home providers, support groups, government programs)

  • Education

    Educational opportunities for providers on a variety of behavioral health topics (e.g. didactic presentations, webinars, lectures)

  • Guidance

    Guidance on behavioral health issues, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities

In addition to telephone consultation, we provide access to screening forms, educational resources, and additional information to support the needs of PCPs. Providers can access helpful mental health care guides at any time on our website.

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  • Excellent assistance with a more difficult behavioral health treatment question. Very much appreciate the detailed response, education and efficiency of the call.”

  • “Thank you so much! NC-PAL empowers us as primary physicians to deliver higher quality psychiatric care to our families, and we cannot say how much we appreciate this resource as a group!”

  • “This is a wonderful resource for primary care. It's always helpful for the focused question I have, but I also learn so much in the process.”