Screening for ADHD

Providers may wish to use the screening tools below to help evaluate patients for ADHD. Providers may bill CPT Code 96127 for a brief emotional/behavioral assessment, with appropriate documentation in the patient's chart.

Next Steps

If a screening is positive for ADHD in two settings, providers may wish to consider the following steps:

  • For preschoolers, consider behavior management / parent training therapy like PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy).
  • If the patient has significant issues in school, consider whether the child could benefit from an IEP (possibly under "health impairment" for ADHD), and/or 504 Plan accommodations, and/or a Behavior Intervention Plan.
  • It may be appropriate to share the Parents' ADHD Medication Guide with parents and/or copy the link into the After Visit Summary.
  • Consider calling NC-PAL if you need help with diagnosis or a treatment plan.

Screening Forms

Screens for: ADHD Patient Age: 3-5 years
Assesses inattention and hyperactivity in preschoolers.
Screens for: ADHD Patient Age: 6-12 years
Initial and follow-up screening for ADHD and comorbidities.
Screens for: ADHD Patient Age: 6-18 years
Evaluates symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.
Screens for: ADHD Patient Age: Adult
Self-assessment that screens for risk of ADHD.