Focusing in on Education

REACH PPP Training

The REACH Institute’s Patient-Centered Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care (PPP) is NC-PAL’s primary educational program. Program evaluation indicates that REACH trained providers deliver high quality depression treatment.

Since NC-PAL’s Launch

  • 30+ trainers trained for the licensed NC-PAL REACH PPP training team
  • 319 providers trained with REACH PPP course
  • 43 counties have at least one REACH PPP trained provider

Providers Trained by NC-PAL in REACH PPP

As of August 2023

A line graph showing the number of providers trained

Feedback From REACH PPP Participants

“This was a very well taught, high quality, valuable course. I feel more confident and capable in diagnosis and treatment of various mental health disorders.”

“REACH taught me more in 3 days than I ever learned in my schooling. I am no longer apprehensive and have the tools to make my patients successful in achieving remission.”

Additional Offerings

  • Lunch & Learn Webinars
  • Recorded Trainings
  • Practice Presentations

Coming Soon

  • Interactive culturally-informed care modules
  • Training on childhood and family trauma impacts on mental health
  • Additional resources on the NC-PAL website

As part of NC-PAL's fifth-anniversary celebration, we're producing a series of posts covering where we are, what we've done, and where we're going.

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